Healthy (er) Popsicles

It’s bound to happen – no matter how much you try to contain sugar, somehow it finds itself inside your child’s body. The best you can do is to try to control the amount consumed. Oh, but one of your main nemesis – the popsicle – is out there lurking, just waiting to invade those little bodies. Those dang popsicles in the summertime are as American as apple pie, and just as healthy too. Kids love them! Can’t get enough of them! Parents hate them. They are messy and all that sugar makes the kids a little crazy ( I don’t care what “experts” say). Well, here’s a compromise you may be able to live with:

Get a popsicle making container – at any local grocery store. Fill the container with Organic or all natural fruit juice and freeze overnight. Voila! Popsicles the kids will enjoy that are not filled with yucky dyes and other “fillers” 🙂


Categories: Conscious Parenting


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