How To Become Emotionally & Spiritually FIT!

How To Become Emotionally & Spiritually FIT!

by Mastin Kipp on November 26, 2011

Consider this – consider that your fear of not having enough isn’t actually real. What if it were true that you were always being carried by the invisible hands of The Uni-verse and these hands want to give you everything your Heart desires and more. What if the thought “The Uni-verse has given up on me” is actually the Truth in reverse? What if the real thought is, “I have given up on The Uni-verse”.

There will be times when we are asked to grow and our life circumstance won’t make any sense to us. We’ve acted in accordance to the Uni-verse principles and life still seems chaotic.

We have Faith, not that life will calm down and be orderly; we have Faith BECAUSE life is chaotic and by meeting the chaos with Faith we see the higher order of Life. We see how The Uni-verse makes us stumble in order to prevent a fall, we see that losing something or someone we love dearly is sad, yet it comes with tremendous Grace. We see that not having what we want gives us the fuel, thoughts and motivation we need to go out there and happen to life!

If we look at life with the eyes of Faith we can see that we are protected, guarded and guided to a better and better outcome. It takes seeing life this way to be able to ride this wave. We have to be willing to look at death, letting go, heart break and chaos with the eyes of celebration, for all these things are a part of the dance of creation that keeps Life moving.

There is something to be found in what we have lost. And there is a part of us to be let go of when we find a greater Truth. This is why staying detached from material objects and things is vital. Love will remain, but the face and shape of Love changes.

If life is confusing right now, if you feel like you don’t know what’s next, if you feel totally lost – this is a moment to celebrate! It means you are out beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and that you are GROWING! You are expanding and you are starting to live a new kind of life that requires a new mindset – one of Faith that the future will be better than the past, because you will create it. A mindset that says no matter WHAT comes you are strong enough to handle it! A mindset that says to The Uni-verse not “Why me?”, but “TRY ME!”.

This is what it takes to live a life on The Path – to not ask for life to be easier, but to become more emotionally and spiritually fit. The potential for greatness lies within you waiting to be watered with emotional fitness and planted in spiritual fitness. To get out of your own way and face your fears is what it takes. And if you do this… my question for you is… How good are you willing to have it? And how much of your own pain are you willing to let go of in order for all the greatness to arrive and be revealed?

Taken from “The Daily Love”


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  1. This is a highly inspiring article..! Thanks for sharing…:) Am sharing this too..!


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