Your Daily Boost – Reconciliation


by Jason Wisdom

To my Christian friends, Merry Christmas; to Jews, happy Hanukkah; to Muslims, assalam-u-alaikum and happy J’umah; to Buddhists, namaste; to secularist, greetings; to brothers and sisters, Happy Kwanza; to democrats, stand strong; to republicans, try decaf….as for me, I love you all.

To children, may you live to grow old; to the elderly, may your youth be restored; to the greedy, may you have all you want; to the generous, may you give all you can; to the immoral, let your light shine; to the moral, may your light never decrease; to those practicing patience, thank you; to the angry, I’m sorry…as for me, I love you all.

To the sick, may you again be well; to the healthy, prepare for tougher times; to my family, you’re all friends; to my friends, you’re all family; I have no enemies. To the well off, don’t despise the poor; to the poor don’t envy the wealthy; to the anxious, be at peace; to the peaceful, don’t abandon your responsibilities. As for me, I’m through here like the wind, unobstructed, precisely because I love you all.


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