“Life Only Sucks if You Do”

As Mastin Kipp puts it, “Life only sucks if you do.” Wow. That’s brutal. It’s also totally accurate.  Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you are in a situation that causes you to be unhappy, you will continue to be unhappy until you get to the root of what is creating the unhappiness (hint: it’s YOU), even if you change the outer situation. For example: Do you tend to get into relationships that cause you pain? It’s not really the other person causing you the pain, even if that is how it appears. The truth is, there is something you are doing to attract people to you who will hurt you. Being hurt by people serves a need for you, only you can know what that is. Once you figure out what is being served, you can either find another way of fulfilling that need, or eliminate the need altogether. Don’t go from one relationship to another, getting hurt, and wondering why other people keep hurting you. Do the digging, inquire within – always. Good news, it’s all up to you! ~




Categories: Spirit Matters

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