HowAboutWe: New Dating Site for Single Parents

HowAboutWe: Our New Dating Area for Single Parents

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Are you a single parent who wants to meet someone new, but feel intimidated by online dating sites? We’ve partnered with to launch Single Parent Dating, a new online matchmaking service available to users.

Single parents tell us they don’t have a lot of time to spend out and about meeting people (kids don’t give you Saturday night off, after all). And let’s face it: many people meet their mate online instead of in person these days. But single parents also tell us they don’t have the time to spend chatting and flirting online with someone who may or may not be great in person. That’s why we partnered with, a dating site that lets you get right to the date so you can see if you click with someone. To get started, just post or browse the kind of dates you’d like to go on—seriously, think fun—like a cupcake tour of your local town’s bakeries, an afternoon of bookstore browsing, a food truck crawl, or a Latin dance lesson followed by an evening showing off your new moves—and then find someone to go with who shares your interests. Single Parents Dating allows you to quickly meet someone like-minded in person to see if there’s a connection (and you get a fun night out to boot). Memberships start at $8 per month.

Here is the link to sign up;


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