Your Daily Boost – Open Your Eyes

There once was a man caught in a great flood. So strong was his faith in God that he was not worried about not surviving. Off he went up on the roof of his house with the deep knowledge that God would come and rescue him. A few hours go by. A fisherman comes up to the man and offers him a ride on his boat to safety. The man thanks the fisherman but refuses, saying that he was waiting for God to come save him. A few hours later, a group of people offer him a ride to safety on their boat. “No thanks,” says the man, “God will surely come and save me”. After refusing a third boat’s offer, the man waited up on his roof until finally the flood waters rose and he perished. After his death, he met with God. The man said to God, “God, I have always been such a devout believer! I was so sure that You would come to rescue me! Why did You let me die?!”. To which God replied, “I sent you THREE boats!!!”
Blessings don’t always come in the form we expect. Learn to recognize the blessings and, more importantly, learn to receive them.


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