Unique End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

Have your kid’s class say goodbye in style with these personalized presents for teachers

By Carissa Rogers of GoodNCrazy.com
summer reading kindle
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The pools are about to open and the books are about to close. The school year is almost done, but before your kids bolt from school without a second glance, remember to thank their teachers for all the hard work they’ve done throughout the year.

Ask your room parent about the school district’s policy on end-of-year teacher gifts. Some allow parents to collect cash and gift cards, others have a strict dollar limit. Here are a few fun low-cost options involving the whole class:

5 Simple Ideas for Teacher Gifts

1. Treasure Chest: Provide each child with a small envelope and ask the family to contribute a summer ‘treasure’. It can be anything – an inspirational quote, a thank you note, a small toy, photo, movie tickets, or even a gift certificate to your favorite local book store, restaurant or salon. Package the sealed envelopes in a toy treasure box (or a box with a photo of a treasure chest) add chocolate coins and present it to the teacher with this note:

We’ve treasured your teaching all year long. Please enjoy these small treasures from all of us. (Opening one per day this summer takes more patience, but brings more delight!)

2. Summer Reading Escape: Ask parents to provide their favorite gently used books and magazines. Package them in a colorful beach tote with a new beach towel, sunscreen and water bottle. If your class is the cash-gathering kind, purchase a Kindle or Nook and an online gift certificate. (Use VolunteerSpot’s free online sign up sheet to request your group donation and reminders will be automatic and easy!)

3. Garden Gadgets: If you’re teacher is a gardener, ask members of the class to donate seed packets, garden tools or small gift certificates to a home and garden supply store. Package the gifts in a large watering can with a bow and a potted plant. (VolunteerSpot Tip: Use this theme idea and replicate with other hobbies – art baskets, cooking supplies, etc.)

4. Thank You Bouquet: We polled teachers and the thing they appreciated most (over another candle, or school-themed trinket), was a simple thank you note. Send two colorful index cards home with each child. Write one thank you note yourself and have your child write one too – be sure to make it personal (sentence starters below). Gather up all the notecards and assemble them in a colorful basket with a foam bottom. Use florist note-card holder picks to hold the thank you cards. (Supplies available at any craft store). Parents may want to include photos or gift cards also.

  • You’re extra special because…
  • Thank you for…
  • I love how you…
  • This year you’ve taught me…

5. A Few Hours Off: Things get stressful towards the end of the year with tests and all the kids getting antsy for summer vacation. Ask parents to take turns helping in the classroom. Suggestions might include: organizing a reading circle, hosting an end of the year party (starring parents), or helping with end-of-year packing and moving teacher supplies from the classroom

Make the end of the school year a celebration, not just because your kids are escaping school! Remember the good times of the past year, and thank their teacher for their hard work.


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2 replies

  1. A parent left a note in my teacher mailbox this year thanking me for specific things I had helped her child accomplish during the year. The note was so much better than a candle or scented lotion!

  2. I agree. The more personalized the thank you, the better it is. I suspect most teachers love the validation that they are doing great work 🙂 Thank you for your comment.


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