Body Language


Body Language

By Djenaba Dioum Kelly

There is a young woman in my Bikram Yoga class who has no hands—only nubs where hands should be—and legs that have been cut off a couple of inches below the knee. I’d seen her before, but on this particular day I really saw her.

Laying next to her in class, I discretely watched in fascination as she twisted and bent her body into each of the 26 yoga positions. In some cases, she used props, like long rubber bands, to assist her, but she did all of the positions in some form.

As I watched this otherwise perfect woman (an attractive, twenty-something brunette, with a great figure, cute hair cut and a colorful flower tattoo on her right shoulder) struggle through each position, I could see that she truly appreciated her body, maybe because of its limitations. She did not take any of the rest of her for granted. She didn’t let her physical handicaps limit her movements, nor did she allow them to limit the way she honored her physicality.

And we, who have perfect bodies, spend so much time hating them or destroying them. Watching this handless, legless woman in Yoga, reminded me to adore my body, always, no matter what. It is the vessel that houses my precious soul. I should love it, maintain it, bathe it, perfume it, adorn it, treasure it, RESPECT it, regardless of its apparent limitations.

I invite you to love YOUR body, because it IS perfect, no matter what! It is the perfect vessel that houses your precious soul.



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2 replies

  1. AMEN! This one hit home~!

    Carolyn Wisdom, MBA, PHR, Lean6
    DFAS Indianapolis / L&DD
    (317) 212-2340, DSN 699

    If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain.
    If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.
    If you want one hundred years of prosperity,“GROW PEOPLE”.
    Ancient Chinese Proverb

  2. 🙂 I’m glad. We could ALL spend more time appreciating our bodies instead of berating them.


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