Nine Steps to Accepting and Loving Your Body

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From Masters Channel
The pressure that today’s society can place on looking “perfect” or meeting some body standard ideal can be immense. We are inundated with expectations of thin women, muscular men and perfectly symmetrical features. These standards, while unrealistic, have lead many of us to harbor dissatisfaction, unhappiness and general negativity towards how we feel about our bodies, no matter how beautiful they really are. Here are nine simple steps you can take to loving and accepting your body.

1. Make yourself aware of your negative thoughts. When you look at your body, actively reflect on your mental and emotional reactions. Identify the negative thoughts that come to mind, and ask yourself why you feel this way. Becoming aware of your negative thoughts and their origins is the first step in banishing them and replacing them with positive, loving, healthy feelings about your body.

2. Surround yourself with positive…

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